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Travel Tips: Packing

Packing Packing can be a terrifying task. You may be an overpacker like I was once, but I learned quickly how to change that. You may ask yourself: What if I really need 15 different shirts? What if *insert highly-unlikely scenario here* happens and I don't have *insert unnecessary item here*? Okay, okay, breathe. First thing… Continue reading Travel Tips: Packing

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Rotorua: Part 2

The most amazing experience I had in New Zealand was the second night in Rotorua at the Tamaki Maori Village. We spent the evening experiencing Maori culture firsthand. In small groups, we walked around this Maori village visiting different "stations" where Maori "villagers" showed us traditions of Maori culture such as carving, weaving, and the haka. The first… Continue reading Rotorua: Part 2

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Rotorua: Part 1

After we left the Waitomo Glowworm Caves, we drove to Rotorua, which immediately became my favorite city that we visited. In class, we had read the novel Once Were Warriors written by Rotorua native Alan Duff. While reading this novel, we also studied other cultural aspects of Rotorua which is considered to be the center of Maori culture. We… Continue reading Rotorua: Part 1

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Waitomo Glowworm Caves

Imagine you're in a dark cave and look up to see the starry sky, but those aren't stars—they're bugs. The Waitomo Glowworm Caves are just one of the many distinctive places found in New Zealand that really can't be described as anything other than magical. In fact, the Glowworm Grotto has probably influenced some Disney magic. Before… Continue reading Waitomo Glowworm Caves

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Auckland Sky Tower and Beaches

Auckland Sky Tower The tallest (328 metres/1,076 feet) manmade structure in New Zealand, Auckland's Sky Tower, offers 360º views of Auckland. From the main observation deck at 186 metres/610 feet, these views of Auckland will take your breath away. As cliché as that sounds, get used to it; this country will continue to amaze you everyday… Continue reading Auckland Sky Tower and Beaches